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We took Coit Road to Anza Trail. Then cut across on the Anza trail over to Coit Road Again and made our way to Kelly Lake. From Kelly Lake we took Kelly Lake trail on the East side of the lake UP and back around to Crest Trail which circled back to Coit Road. Right on Coit Road and then we spent some time at Coit Lake. Then it was East on Coit Road to Wagon Road. South a bit on Wagon to some singletrack which took us down, down, down to Pacheco Falls. We enjoyed the falls and the poison oak for a bit then turned around up the climb. After climbing back out from Pacheco Falls we headed left onto Wagon to the Grizzley Gulch downhill which took us out of the park... Whee.

These directions are from memory and I am certain critical pieces have been omitted. Get a map and use some of the resources listed below to navagate this huge park.



-=- June 10th 2003

Looks refreshingly beautiful. Cute mtn. biker.


Ogre -=- May 31st 2003

From Left to Right: Bob, Joseph, Mark, Dave, Fred (Crouching), Matt, George (bending over), and Ogre.